Home Style Fluffy

This tortilla has high volume with bread-like texture.  Typical of southwestern tortillas of New Mexico and North Texas.


Batch Packs

Six Month Batch Pack

This Tortilla can go six months without mold.  However, it keeps its roll ability and softness.  Also does not have a strong preservative flavor.


Food Service Batch Pack

Designed for a tortilla to heat.  Produces a softer, better tasting, flexible tortilla.  Chefs love this tortilla. 



The Tortilla Industry has recently seen much interest in various flavors of flour tortillas, primarily for food service.


Custom Ingredients, Ltd. has developed several flavors of tortillas, and wants to work with you to develop ones for your special needs.  Popular flavors include: Salsa, Pesto Garlic, Tomato, Sundried Tomato, Spinach, Habanero, Cheese/Queso, Chocolate, Fruits, Cajun, Combination, and many others


Softeners - Softeners are a blend of modified starch, soy protein, pea fiber and enzymes.  Companies who use this product report the following advantages.


  • Softer Tortillas

  • Better Roll-ability

  • Higher organoleptic scores

  • Require less pressure to press out
  • Heats up on comal better
  • Better freeze/ thaw stability



Powder Products

Powdered corn preservatives have several advantages over liquid products.  GP-1400 is a blend of fumaric acid, calcium and sodium propionate, potassium sorbate and emulsifiers.  You will have an improved flavor with less preservative taste.



Custom Ingredients, Ltd. makes corn softeners for both corn and Molina masa.  They improve softness but als allow the tortilla to be reheated on the comal with better roll-ability and less cracking.


Corn Flour

Corn flour tortillas stale rapidly because they contain significant quantities of damaged starch.  Corn softeners extend the shelf life of corn flour tortillas, and allows them to retain more moisture.


Molino Corn Masa

Ground corn tortillas become hard because they contain a high amalose content.  Custom Ingredients makes softeners for ground corn which can slow down the re-association of amalose (retro graduation) and give you a softer tortilla that retains more moisture.  Eating quality is greatly improved.




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